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Adrian Centeno

dog trainer Adrian Centeno
Professional Dog Trainer, Behavioral Specialist
*911 Dog Training Owner/Trainer
*Beyond the Leash Trainer 2003-2014
*Owner/Trainer of Training4Dogz since 2003
*Southern California All Breed Ringers - Current President and Training Director (North American Ring Association Affiliated Club since 2003 and US Mondioring Association club since 2011)
*Southern California All Breed Ringers Training Decoy
*North American Ring Association Certified French Ring Decoy Level 2
*North American Ring Association Member in Good Standing
*USMRA Member in Good Standing

Adrian Centeno has had an attachment to dogs that started early in life. There were always animals at family's home but it was not until Adrian was nine years old that he got his first own dog. From there and without knowing what dog training was, Adrian started his initiation into the training world by teaching his dog basic commands and tricks. The bond between them was so strong and the result so rewarding that the feeling motivated Adrian to try to learn more about dogs.

Still a child, Adrian met a Pit Bull trainer/breeder who owned more than 15 dogs, who encouraged Adrian's passion for dogs. He spent countless days throughout the years with this trainer learning about dog behavior, training techniques and animal physical conditioning. It was not until many years later that Adrian went through formal education and obtained his certificate as a professional from FCM, Mexican Canine Federation, a recognized member of the FCI, Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

The study of training techniques, training tools and dog behavior is important for Adrian who is in constant development of his abilities by attending seminars. But Adrian's biggest learning source is from the dogs themselves and by his daily interaction with them.

Adrian's experience with dogs comes not only from the many clients' dogs he has trained throughout the years but from the variety of dogs he has owned all his life: Boxer, Pit Bull, Siberian Husky, Alaska Malamute, Rottweiler, Drogue de Bordeaux, Giant Schnauzer, French Poodle, Dutch shepherd, German Shepherd, Chihuahua and Belgian Malinois.

Adrian has the strong belief that you can teach any dog to be a well mannered companion by using the proper training technique, a pleasure to own, not a problem.

Current handler and trainer of:

Sunny de la Maison du Seigle

Previous handler and trainer of:

Springfalls Rex
C'Tosco des Barriques
Bella of Kreative
Rocky of KO Kennels
dog trainer Adrian Centeno


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